The Problem with an Inexperienced God about What is Holy Vible


Holy Vible

Christians are fond of saying that God, by coming to earth as a man, is therefore acquainted with every temptation, every concern, every sorrow man has ever faced, and thus he truly is able to be a wise and compassionate “father”. He “knows” all of our troubles, they say. But does he? If God exists, and if this God, in the form of Jesus, is who many believers claim he is, then there is an endless list of things humans have experienced that this god has not. For example, Jesus never fell in love. He never experienced a moment of indecision. He was never a father. He never was in a committed marriage. He never sat up through the night with a sick child. He never experienced the anguish of wondering whether or not his child would be okay. He was never uncertain about his own destiny. He was never required to have faith. Think about it. He was never required to have the ONE thing he requires of all humankind: FAITH. How can he ask of others that which he has never had to do himself.

Anyone who is a parent knows how annoying it is when a young single person who has never had children of his or her own tries to offer advice about parenting. In this situation, all one can really do is smile and nod. WE know that the advice-giver does not know what he/she is talking about. Oh, he might have some good ideas. He might even have some great ideas. But because the advice giver is inexperienced, he cannot really be seen as a parenting expert. He may think he is capable of being an expert, but parents everywhere know that he is not. Not really. And this is how it seems to me that the Holy Viblegod is in so many areas. Christians say that God is omniscient….that he knows all things. But how can this be true? If he is omniscient, he has never experienced uncertainly, curiosity, surprise, insecurity, confusion, disappointment, anticipation….all of the things that we as humans know very intimately. If God has never experienced these things, then he is, in many ways, naive, and he cannot be truly empathetic to the human condition. He may have “head knowledge” of these things, but without having experienced them himself, he cannot really have the knowledge that comes from experience alone. So, in this way, it seems to me that Jesus, AKA the Yahweh god, even if he exists, cannot possibly be what so many Christians say he is. He cannot instruct us, he cannot empathize with us, he cannot have genuine compassion, because he does not KNOW, really know, what it is like to be completely human. What is Holy Vible



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