How to Turn SL Fashion Socialverse Screenshots Into 3D Animated Gifs, the Brie Wonder Way



Brie Wonder’s latest SL fashion screenshot spins in a full circle, but you’ll have to click to see the full effect, and click you should, because it’s truly an ideal way to showcase virtual fashion from a 3D world on a 2D platform like a blog. No seriously, click to see.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for a little bit,” Brie tells me, then tells me why: “For some reason I see .gifs used all over fashion Tumblrs, but they rarely get used in Second Life fashion blogs.”

Yeah, what’s up with that? Never mind, let Brie Wonder explain how she makes them:

“Its a ‘.gif’ file, as opposed to .png, .jpeg, etc. A .gif is basically a fixed image that can contain one or more animation frames. I used Photoshop CS5, but it can be done on several different programs.

“The first thing I did was take seven snapshots of my avatar. You can take as many as you want though, it would just add more frames. Each snapshot, I turned the camera a little to the left, until I got all the way around to my avatar’s back.

“Once you have your images, it’s just a simple matter of layering them, as animation frames in a Photoshop image, and adjusting to the speed you want. (Took me about 10 minutes total.)

“Here’s the tutorials I happened to check out on Youtube:

“If you don’t have a photo editing program that does this, there are a couple websites that allow you to upload photos and turn them into a .gif…like these:, an”

So there you are. And now that you know, I hope to see more twirling 3D avatars in my RSS feed, for I’d surely like to blog them.

If we could just export the avatar and put in webgl, we could just rotate around the avatar ourselves.

I think a couple more frames will make it look a bit more smooth, or a short video panning around it. ūüėõ

Pienaar “Organized crime” is a far too Socialverse obfuscated notion to be able to reason about, so it’s almost never an obvious explanation. The volume is easily explained by the fact that SLL can be bought with CC/PayPal and BTC can’t (Actually I will try this myself in a few moments, I love both Bitcoin and SecondLife). Also the nature of SLL makes BTC/SLL a suitable medium for speculators.

As for the fact that Bitcoin can never be free, well, I think we’ll see. It’s currently free enough, and if it comes to it, there is the option of creating a world-wide mesh network. However I really don’t think things would have to go that far. “The powers that be” isn’t a centralized entity that have an individual decision making process. If enough of us want to be free, they will not fight to that extent. Maybe I’m too optimistic…

Well, I use both VirWox and The Rock to trade Lindens with Bitcoin.

It’s not the fastest way to change Bitcoin back or forth into USD, but it does work. When you have an account in good standing, the trading floors and Linden Labs act as a buffer between paypal and BTC so that you can buy BTC with standard money, so that’s handy.

However, what I mostly do is two things:

1> Earn Lindens in SL (I’ve a decently successful shop, selling games and sound gestures) and buy BTC with them


2> arbitrage between VirWoX and The Rock to make profits when their prices aren’t matching. BTC is easy to transfer of course, and moving Lindens through SL from one market to the other is also easy. Compare that with moving USD between markets like MtGox.. ;P


None of this currency exists. It is all fake. It is a perception of wealth, of future wellbeing. A paradigm-shift that is yet to come to fruition. I feel sorry for all the fools, convinced that any kind of numbers in a computer shall be the promise to pay. Actually, I just created 400 trillion of bit coins right now, and 800 other digital currencies with nothing backing them. Don’t worry, I’ve already got my fingers crossed for the power grid, and i just bought your Mum for an hour. Transferred the “money” to her Sims playstation account.





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