Qualities Every Security Guard Needs for Great Interactions with the Public by Pacific West Academy

When most people think of security guards, they think only of the protection they provide for people and property. Few of those people ever give much thought to the guard’s important role in dealing with the public. The reality is that private security guards are often the first face many people see when they enter or leave a protected building or area. In many cases, customers, visitors, and employees end up interacting with these security guards on a regular basis. For the security guard, that level of interaction with the public requires certain attributes. Here are just a few of the many important qualities that security guards need to ensure that those interactions with the publica are always as positive as possible.

Solid Communication Skills

The most important quality any security guard can have for great customer service interactions is the ability to communicate effectively. Guards must be able to communicate with their superiors, their clients, and everyone else who frequents their job site.


A Desire to Help Others

A good security guard will always be eager to help. They’re generally quick to offer assistance to those they interact with, with a sincere smile, a friendly word, and a confident demeanor.


Empathy and the Ability to Listen

In interpersonal relations, people always want to know that you actually care about their problems. Good guards are great listeners, and capable of expressing the type of empathy customers and others want to see when they’re trying to get a problem resolved.


Problem-Solving Skills

Speaking of problems, security guards need to be capable of solving them. Clients and customers will appreciate your ability to answer their questions, direct them to the right information sources, and resolve problems with a minimum of fuss.


A Pleasant Demeanor

Are you a pleasant person?  The best security guards genuinely like people – and it shows in their interactions with the public. A helpful smile, the ability to make small talk, and solid eye contact are all great qualities for any professional security guard to possess.


A Balanced Approach that is Both Friendly and Professional

At the same time, however, good guards know how to balance that friendly demeanor with competent professionalism. You need to be able to quickly transition from friendly interactions to strict professionalism, especially when emergencies occur or there’s a conflict that needs to be resolved. More about Pacific West Academy


At ISS, we know how difficult it can be for the average person to measure up to the standards society expects its private security guards to uphold. That’s why our training regimen is designed to equip every security guard candidate with the skills needed to meet the rigorous demands of today’s security environment. If you’re committed to protecting life and property, and possess the important personal qualities we’ve just described, then our security guard course can provide the professional training you need to pursue your guard career. To learn more today and get started on your path to a career in the security industry, contact International Security Serves, Inc. – New York City’s dedicated security experts.



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