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Online sanghoki Strategy 8: Small Investments for Small Pairs


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Keep in mind that making big pre-flop moves when pairs are made under 9. You will not want to hold on to the pair under 9 should the flop bring you 3 of a kind. Should you chose to be playing smaller pairs regularly through the poker game, it is a promise that your chip stack will not make it through the game. If you enjoy the challenge brought by playing an active sanghoki game with smaller pairs, do so ONLY when you have a lot of people calling, and the pot odds are better for you. By keeping such a simple tatic in mind you will be bettering your choices and your chances to bring in a good pot, or steal with a bad beat.

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Ed Hollis at Betfair – Gambling Degen?

Came across a thread on 2+2 about a poker player named Ed Hollis who had recently been hitting the high stakes games over at Betfair Poker.  They were talking about him playing in a $100/$200 game with a $25k stack and how this guy had some massive swings.  In the thread there was a link to his blog, so I decided to check it out.

What a great blog it was!  Ed talks about how he lives on the edge, gambling with borrowed money at times, hustling to make a living on the poker tables.  Every time he seems to work up some kind of roll he blows it all away.  To me, this looks like the true sign of a gambling degen.  He seems to do well at the $100/$200 limits, but always tries to go to $250/$500 and ends up blowing his roll.  Ed, why don’t you just stay at $100/$200???

He doesn’t just bet at poker though.  Ed even mentions some of his swings from sports betting.  Unfortunately from what I can tell, I a lot of this looks like its on borrowed money.

I am really against betting with money that you can’t afford to lose.  Hopefully this works out for him, but far too often things don’t work out that great when you are betting with money that you can’t afford to lose.

Regardless, Ed has a very entertaining blog as you can literally be part of his major swings as you follow along.  I recommend checking it out!

Ed Hollis Blog

Good luck at the tables and please don’t get too much in debt!

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