Official Rules for Casino Promotions


Togel Online

  1. Application

The rules contained in this schedule shall apply to casino promotions.

  1. Promotion Design

3.1 Before the beginning of any casino promotion, the casino operator shall give to a Government inspector:

(a) not less than 3 clear days’ notice of its intention to conduct the promotion; and

(b) written particulars of the promotion design.

3.2 The particulars notified under rule 3.1 shall include:

(a) the commencement and closing dates (if any) of the promotion;

(b) particulars of the prizes in the promotion, and (where applicable) in each prize tier;

(c) the method of entry into the Togel Online promotion, including any conditions governing entry;

(d) the form of the application for entry to the promotion (if any);

(e) a description of manner in which the promotion is to be conducted and the winner or winners determined, including:

(i) in the case of a promotion that is an instant game, the play symbol or combination of play symbols that must appear in the play panel or play panels on a ticket for that ticket to be a prize-bearing ticket;

(ii) in the case of a promotion that is a prize competition:

(A) a description of the skill-testing or knowledge-testing activity or activities required to be undertaken by participants as a condition of winning a prize, and

(B) the time at which the result of the prize competition will be determined;

(f) the method of notifying winners;

(g) the manner in which unclaimed prizes shall be disposed of; and

(h) any other terms or conditions governing entry into or the conduct of the promotion (other than those contained in these rules or in the Act).

3.3 Subject to rule 3.4, the casino operator may from time to time, by notice in writing to a Government inspector, vary the promotion design.

3.4 The casino operator may not vary the promotion design after the beginning of the promotion or after the issue of the tickets in the promotion has begun, except:

(a) in relation to the following matters:

(i) the date fixed for the closing of entries, and

(ii) the date on which and manner in which the result is to be notified; or

(b) where there has been an error, omission or other irregularity that, in the opinion of the casino operator, has materially affected or may materially affect the conduct or outcome of the promotion.

  1. Conduct of Casino Promotions


4.1 Every casino promotion shall be conducted:


(a) in accordance with:


(i) these rules, and


(ii) the promotion design submitted in relation to it under rule 3.1, as varied in accordance with these rules;


(b) fairly; and


(c) in such a manner as to ensure that, as far as possible, all prizes are awarded. Nothing in subparagraph (c) shall require the casino operator to award a prize where the prize winner is offered, and accepts, an alternative prize.


4.2 The casino operator shall:


(a) not accept any entry to a casino promotion from any person who is not in a gaming area of the casino at the time; and


(b) conduct all casino promotions in a gaming area of the casino.


4.3 Subject to the Act and to these rules, casino promotions shall be conducted at such times, and in such manner, as the casino operator from time to time determines.


4.3 A In the case of casino promotions conducted with match play coupons, and for the avoidance of doubt, the following conditions apply:


(a) when match play coupons are used in a promotion involving a table game, the minimum and maximum wagers as set out in the Rules of Casino Table Games apply as follows:


(i) the minimum wager shall be comprised of chips only, and


(ii) the maximum wager cannot be exceeded by a combination of chips and match play coupons;


(b) a player is not required to comply with the following rules regarding the placement of match play coupons:


(i) rule 4.3 of SicBo Rules, and


(ii) rule 3.2 of Big heel Rules; and


(c) rule 10.3 of General Rules does not apply when match play coupons are used.


4.4 The casino operator shall determine the frequency and duration of casino promotions.


4.5 The casino operator shall pay the prizes of every casino promotion to those participants entitled to such prizes in accordance with the official result, if it is satisfied that the participant is entitled to a prize.


4.6 Participants are responsible for claiming and collecting prizes due to them pursuant to these rules.


4.7 No claim to a prize submitted to the casino operator under these rules shall be recognised unless it is made within 3 months after the draw of the lottery, the date of closure of the instant game, or the declaration of the result of the prize competition or other game, as the case may be.


4.8 Every participant claiming to be entitled to a prize in a casino promotion may be required to submit evidence of his/her entitlement to that prize to the casino operator.


4.9 A ticket shall in all circumstances be regarded by the casino operator as being owned by the bearer (physical possessor) of the ticket determined in accordance with these rules.


4.10 The person named on a duly completed prize claim form shall be deemed to be the bearer of the ticket accompanying the prize claim form; and if more than one person is named on a prize claim form, the person first named shall be deemed to be the bearer of the ticket.


4.11 Notwithstanding that a ticket bears the name or other identification of any person or group, the casino operator shall only be bound to recognize the bearer of the ticket as the owner, and, except as ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction, shall not be bound to take notice of any trust (express, implied, or constructive) to which any ticket or prize may be subject.


4.12 The surrender of a ticket to the casino operator and the receipt by the bearer of the ticket of any prize payable in respect of the ticket shall be a good and complete discharge of the casino operator, notwithstanding any notice the casino operator may have of the alleged right, title, interest or claim of any other person or persons to the prize money.


4.13 The casino operator shall not be responsible or liable as a result of the payment of a prize to the bearer of any lost or stolen ticket, whether or not advice of the loss or theft has been reported or notified to the casino operator before payment of the prize.


4.14 No prize shall be paid on the basis of an invalid ticket.


4.15 The casino operator may require the bearer of the ticket, before paying any prize on it, to:


(a) surrender the ticket;


(b) sign the back of the ticket;


(c) complete and return a prize claim form.


4.16 In any case where the casino operator is not satisfied that a claimant to a prize is entitled to receive it, the casino operator shall refuse the claim and notify the claimant in writing of the decision.


4.17 The casino operator may cancel, or invalidate the outcome of, a casino promotion if:


(a) the conduct of the promotion is disrupted by civil commotion, fire, riot, brawl, robbery, building evacuation or an Act of God; or


(b) the casino operator has reason to suspect that any fraudulent act on the part of any participant or person employed in the casino has affected or may affect, in the opinion of the casino operator, the outcome of the promotion; or


(c) there has been any error, omission or other irregularity that, in the opinion of the casino operator, has materially affected or may materially affect the conduct or outcome of the promotion.


4.18 Where a casino promotion is cancelled, or the outcome of a promotion is invalidated, pursuant to rule 4.17, the casino operator shall hold and dispose of the prizes in accordance with procedures approved from time to time by the Authority.



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