Duhamel’s 먹튀검증 Championship Bracelet Recovered

Jonathan Duhamel is relieved to hear that his prized 2010 WSOP Main Event Championship bracelet has been recovered. The bracelet, along with $115,000 in cash and other items including a Rolex watch were stolen from him in a home invasion in December of 2010.

The home invasion occurred outside his Montreal area condo on the night of December 21st, 2010. Duhamel opened the door for what appeared to be a parcel delivery man. But as soon as he opened the door, he was rushed by four individuals- his ex-girlfriend and three accomplices.

Duhamel was beaten, had his life threatened and was then forced to open his home safe. The quartet made off with $115,000 worth of cash, including a number of 500 Euro banknotes, his Rolex watch and his 2010 World Series of Poker Championship bracelet. Fortunately, Duhamel didn’t sustain any serious injuries from the ordeal.

Police were quickly able to retrieve the Rolex watch and half of the stolen cash. In just days they arrested the four allegedly responsible for the robbery. They now face charges of conspiracy, breaking and entering, armed robbery, aggravated assault, unlawful confinement and receiving stolen goods. They are currently still being detained in prison, awaiting their trial which is scheduled for this week.

Duhamel’s WSOP bracelet was still missing until last Wednesday when it was found in the receptacle of a street sweeper cleaning truck that had 먹튀검증 been cleaning the Ville-Marie Tunnel. The bracelet was badly damaged, and by the photo it appears that the band was removed. It also looks like an effort was made to remove Duhamel’s name from the engraving in order to make it unidentifiable, and presumably, easier to sell. Given that it ended up on the street, it appears that the criminal gave up on selling the engraved portion of the bracelet.

The 14 karat gold, diamond studded bracelet had been valued at around $40,000, but Duhamel is just glad to have it back due to its tremendous sentimental value. Of this recent find, Duhamel’s manager, Philippe Jette, said, “The sentimental value [of the bracelet] is priceless. We are giving the bracelet to the police, because it is still a piece of evidence, and should help the police with the investigation. We are happy, and Jonathan is doing very well.”

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