Daylight savings time causing webOS bug to act up


The Pre has been experiencing a few issues since late last night with time and the switch to daylights savings times. Here in Arizona messages have been coming in with a timestamp of an hour earlier than the time sent even though the phone shows the correct time.

Others briefly had calendar issues such as the calendar thinking that it was December 1st. It seems like the Pre had a Y2K-like thing going on yet none of them crashed sending the world spinning. These kinds of issues though seemingly small are a bit harder to take care of and happen more often than one would imagine.

Have any of you experienced this issue with your Pre? If so where in the US do you live? Arizona doesn’t participate in the daylight savings thing but others outside of AZ are reporting issues as well. For me the timestamp issue is only on a Pre to Pre basis and only happens about 80% of the time off and on.

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