Bet365 Introduces Their New toto hk University

Looking to learn the game of poker but not sure where to start? Aside from learning here at the FlopTurnRiver forums, there are other ways to learn how to play poker. One fascinating way to learn to play poker is bet365′s Poker University. On top of teaching new players poker basics, bet365 is rewarding its players for learning the game.

There are some poker concepts that players need to know. Pot odds, fold equity, and reading your opponents are only some of the ideas that bet365 is looking to teach its newest players and students. As a matter of fact, some of the courses at bet365 Poker University may be helpful to intermediate and advanced poker players.

At the end of each section, there are quizzes to complete. As quizzes are taken and passed, rewards are awarded. These prizes range from tournament tokens for freerolls to Merit Points to be used in the bet365 VIP store. The bet365 Poker University is only one facet of their ‘Poker Toolbox’ which also features poker guides and help with bankroll management. This makes bet365 the perfect place for beginners to start and tweak their poker game. Good luck!

PokerStars Pros Accused of Dice Sliding at Las Vegas Wynn Craps Tables

A duo of online toto hk players are in trouble with the law. However, this story has nothing to do with actions at the poker table or at an online poker room. Two PokerStars Pros are accused of cheating a Nevada casino, Wynn Las Vegas, out of $700,000 at the Craps table. Leonardo Fernandez and Veronica Dabul, both from Argentina, are suspected of using a technique called ‘sliding’ to give them an edge in the popular table game.

Earlier this month, the Wynn Las Vegas filed a lawsuit with the Clark County District Court saying both PokerStars pros won about $700,000 during a month-long playing spree that culminated with their arrest on July 18th. The two players are suspected of working with other customers who distracted dealers while they controlled the outcome of the dice by using the technique known as ‘sliding.’

The concept of sliding is simple to understand though the actual practice takes years to master. Basically, sliding involves the roller controlling the outcome of the dice by sliding at least one dice across the table or throwing the dice in a manner that leans the odds of a specific outcome. For example, many sliders throw or slide the dice aiming for at least one die to show a six. This dramatically increases the odds of an eight, nine, ten, eleven, or twelve. When a roller can control the dice and increase the odds of at least one six, the other players may place a lot of money on numbers higher than six (since six and below cannot be rolled if one of the dice is a six) and have the odds lean in their favor. Of course, sliding cannot deliver exact numbers but the players’ edge increases greatly.

The district attorney has not filed charges against either player. Dabul was released after a couple of days in the Clark County Detention Center while Fernandez was turned over to the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service. Officials have not commented on Fernandez’s current immigration status.

FlopTurnRiver will follow this story and keep its members covered on any updates.


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