Bell cuts unlimited data plans


Initially Bell Canada has offered unlimited data plans to Pre owners but has since decided to change the offered plans a bit. Since launching their new GSM network and the iPhone hopping on board Bell has gone the route that Telus and Rogers have previously gone and stopped offering the unlimited data plans.

The low end of the plans start at $45 for just 500 MB of data which is terrible. The high end of the data plans is $100 for a 2GB limit but with the Palm Pre being so data intensive we know that these are not hard to reach, especially if you are one who loves to tether your phone via 3rd party hacks.

If you are a current Bell subscriber you are in luck as you can still continue to use your plan without any changes being made but once your contract is up its time to choose from these limited data plans. Its times like these that I am proud of Sprint and their unlimited data plans.

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