Amic Slot Online Games proudly announce the release of: JigSaw 4000 v1.0


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igSaw 4000 is a fine jigsaw puzzle game for Pc. Running in fullscreen, with 65,000+ colors, high resolution and a big collection of images this game is suited for the hole family, as it contains no violence. The game have a simple interface, thought it’s offer all the well known needed features: Rotate pieces, hints, best times record, you can save your puzzles to complete them at a later time, create puzzles from your own images or choose new puzzles from our additional free puzzles packs. JigSaw 4000 develops people’s intelligence and promotes their family relationship. The bright graphics will not let you get bored, you can set the pieces not to be rotated this making suitable for kids and those who prefer less challenge. The game is very easy to play, just drag the piece close enough to its counterpart and they will automatically snap together. No more extra mouse clicks trying to join the pieces that don’t fit! Demo version available for free download!


Sunny Casinos, a pioneer in the online gaming industry, knows just what it takes to keep their customers entertained and happy. The bells and whistles are still ringing and blowing from their switch to Playtech Software and now Sunny Casinos have pooled all their customers’ suggestions and ideas to make the online gaming experience at Casino Fortune, Mapau and Miami Beach an unforgettable one.

keep their customers entertained and happy. The bells and whistles are still ringing and blowing from their switch to Playtech Software and now Sunny Casinos have pooled all their customers’ suggestions and ideas to make the online gaming experience at Casino Fortune, Mapau and Miami Beach an unforgettable one.

Members of all Sunny Casinos can now benefit from:


  •    Aces Faces and Deuces Wild 4 line Video Poker.
  •    Multi hand Blackjack (Up to 3 hands supported).
  •    An option for bigger cards display in all card games.
  •    Zoomed slots. All slot machines can now be viewed in a zoom mode OR in the regular mode.
  •    $0.5 bet is now available in all machine games.
  •    New more visible timeout bar. (In multiplayer mode).
  •    In video poker agen slot online  games the ‘double up’ feature upon winning is now optional for the player. It is set from the client options.
  •    A new options window. The options section now has two tabs – one for ‘game options’ and one for ‘audio settings’.
  •    10c bet is available now in table games.


“We sincerely hope that these new features satisfy our members’ gambling needs”, said Anand Rajkumar, Promotions Manager. “At Sunny Casinos we go all the way to ensure that our members receive the ultimate virtual Las Vegas style treatment”, he added.

This is only the beginning. Sunny Casinos have only dealt its first round of fascinating features to online gaming enthusiasts. So stay glued to your PC for future developments from Sunny Casinos that would satisfy all your gambling requirements.

Casino managers are well aware that competition is increasing significantly in the gaming industry. However, many of them get blindsided because they don’t realize that the Internet is a serious competitor.

“Casino executives realize that new properties opening nearby or added gaming options at existing casinos take a bite out of their business,” says Martin R. Baird, president of Phoenix, Ariz.-based Robinson & Associates, Inc., a guest service consulting firm for the gaming industry. “What’s surprising is that they seldom mention the Internet as a direct competitor and that’s a big mistake.”

Baird offers the following seven tips on why Internet competition is important to brick-and-mortar casinos and how they can compete with cyberspace gaming.

Number 1 – It’s no longer good enough to be the best gaming establishment in your area. “Because of the Internet, you are now competing against the world,” Baird says. “Players can and do spend their gaming dollars on the Internet. For you, that’s lost revenue.”

Number 2 – Guests visit casinos to be entertained as well as to gamble but are your casino’s sights, sounds and overall gaming experience truly superior to the ease and

convenience of the Internet? “If your casino is in a cold climate, it’s easier for potential guests to stay in the warmth of their homes and gamble on their home computers,” Baird says. “If you’re located in a hot climate, will all guests drive to your property when it’s 105 degrees outside? They can get a gaming experience in the air-conditioned comfort of their homes.”

Number 3 – Time is another consideration. “This is a no brainer that’s very appealing to lazy players,” Baird notes. “It takes a fair amount of time to get ready to go, travel to your casino and then drive back home when the fun is over. If you’re tens of miles away from a metropolitan area, the lure of Internet gaming is even stronger.”

Number 4 – The primary way to compete against the Internet is stellar guest service. “If I can sit in a casino and play a game on a computer screen, why not just play it on my home computer?” Baird asks. “Service is the answer. Your guests must believe that they will have a better experience at your property. Your staff must provide a level of service that encourages guests to visit your casino again and again.”

Number 5 – Challenge your employees to do a better job with guest service. Have them visit nongaming companies in your area that have a reputation for outstanding service so they can see the level of service your guests expect from you, Baird suggests.

Number 6 – Never forget that great guest service happens only when it’s a philosophy instilled in all your employees. “When casino employees see management going out of its way to provide great service – and not just to high rollers – they respond,” Baird says. “Outstanding guest service starts at the top.”

Number 7 – Most employees will need training because few people are naturally gifted at providing good service. Offer training that gives employees the skills they need to provide service that amazes and pleases your guests, Baird says.

Robinson & Associates, Inc., is a guest service consulting firm that provides specialty guest service training, management skills training, presentation skills training, team building programs and employee incentive and recognition programs for casinos. Baird has a Web site,, that’s devoted to helping casinos improve their guest service so they can compete and increase revenues. Robinson & Associates may be reached at 480-991-6421. Baird may be reached by e-mail at Robinson & Associates is an associate member of the National Indian Gaming Association.





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